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     Well, almost winter again! Last year we got pretty lucky and had a mild winter.  Too bad we can't just count on that happening again!  My winter "hit list" for winterizing your car

1 Wiper Blades.  Most manufacturers recommend replacing wiper blades every six months, and I say at least every year.  There are blades, both winter and frameless that do a much better job in the snow than a typical frame type blade.  Also remember if it snows or freezes, to go out and lift your blades up from the windshied before turning them on, to avoid damage.

2 Battery.  I offer free battery testing.  Average life of a battery in Iowa ranges from 4-5 years, so if your battery is older than 5 years, consider replacement.  We sell outrageously dependable Interstate Batteries! Brush off all that nasty green corrosion from the cables, and clean with baking soda and water.  BTW, that nasty green stuff can indicate that a battery is on its last legs.

3 Exhaust.  Inspect your exhaust system for leaks.  I do this for free, customers are hard enough to come by to lose you to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4 Tires.  Tires worn to less than 6/32 inch while not "worn out" may not perform well in snow.  I offer more than 30 brands of tires, including snow tires,both studless and studded.

5 Antifreeze.  Antifreeze needs to test to -35 F.  If you cannot remember the last time you had it changed, it is probably time to do so.  Conventional ("green") antifreezed should be flushed at 2 year 30.000 mile intervals, while the extended life coolants should be flushed at 5 years 150,000 miles.Depleted antifreeze damages engines and cooling systems. In addition to freeze protection, it is important to test PH levels. This is also a good time to replace the thermostat, because there is nothing worse on a cold morning than no/poor heat and a defroster that does not work!

6 Tune up. Next to bad batteries, worn out sparkplugs are the biggest cause of failure to start in cold weather!  Sure sparkplugs last a lot longer than they used to, over 100,000 miles in some cases, but they DO still wear out.  Be sure to check them! 

7 EVERYTHING ELSE! Lights, belts, hoses, etc.  I offer a free 22 pt inspection. It takes about a half hour to complete and will let you sleep well knowing your car is ready for anything old man winter can throw at it!





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