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     The news of the recent pandemic of Covid19 has many of us on edge, indeed who among us does not know of someone close in the high risk group?

     So you may be wondering how to sanitize your car?

While I am no expert in biology, I do have several suggestions


Steam- a small portable steam cleaner would work

Wipes- you can use sanitizing wipes, just be careful of products 

that contain bleach, as you could fade or spot your interior.

Soap & water- Most everything in a car, except perhaps leather, can be safely cleaned with a mild solution of water and dishwashing liquid. This does require rinsing, vacuuming, and several hours drying time.


     Perhaps the simplest method is to just park your car in direct sunlight for as many hours a day as possible.   The Ultra-Violet rays in sunlight are still the best disinfectant known.  Since UV is 

also harmful to vinyl surfaces such as arm rests and dashboards, you will probably want to us a UV protectant, such as Armor ALL to protect those surfaces




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