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I am often asked how often do I need to rotate my tires?  Do I need to balance them too?

Most tire manufacturers will want you to rotate tires at 6000-10000 mile intervals. They often require this to maintain the warranty on new tires.  These days, for most folks, that is about every other oil change.  I would say at a minimum, at least once a year.


When I rotate tires, I often put one on the balancer for a check spin, and often as not, the tire is in fact out of balance.  Out of balance tires result in wheel shimmy, typically over a speed range of 10-15 mph, say from about 35 mph and up.  Imbalance can also result in premature tire wear, and the vibration is transmitted to other parts of the suspension.  I would say at a minimum, you should balance at least the tires being placed on the front of the vehicle,and preferably all four.  Balancing at least once a year is a good idea.  As tires wear, and due to acceleration, turning, stopping etc, the balance does change, so just because they were balanced at installation does not make it a one and done deal.




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